Our Trip to London

Last Thursday I went with my class to London. At 10pm we met in front of our school. After we had got on the Job Tours bus, it started at 10:30pm. The way to Calais in France took about five hours. In France we were controlled, that we could go to England with the ferry. Then we were one and a half hours on the ferry. In England we arrived in London after 2 hours, at 8 am. The bus stopped in the near of the Tower Bridge. This was also our first stop during the short sight- seeing. At the Tower Bridge we took some pictures and Moritz and Lina said some information about the building. In the following we went with the whole group to the Tower of London and then visited the Houses of Parliament with the underground. From this point the group walked to Big Ben and stood in front of it. After we had gone to a green place in the near of the Westminster Abbey, I said some interesting details about the Westminster Abbey with Eileen for the whole group. Then we walked to  Buckingham Palace and looked at the Changing of the Guards. In front of the Buckingham Palace we shot some nice pictures. After this we went by underground to Waterloo station. There we went into the Green Park and made a picnic there. At 12am I went with a small group of eight pupils and Mr Schöps shopping in the Hard Rock Café of London. There the most of us bought some clothes, I bought a T-shirt.  Then we went back to the park and waited for the other people of our group, because then we took the underground to the London Eye with the whole group. After we had shot some pictures we stood in the queue in front of the London Eye, but it went fast. Then we were in a gondola and the view was fantastic, because it was sunny and you could watch very far and see a lot of buildings and sights. When all people of our group had been ready we sat in front of the London Eye on a small wall. After we had decided were we would go to, we built 2 groups. I went with 9 other pupils and Evelin by underground to Piccadilly Circus. The other group went to Covent Garden. At Piccadilly Circus we looked in the shops for a souvenir and looked at a boy, who was dancing in the middle of the place to his music. After we had eaten a pizza in a restaurant, we went by underground to the Green Park again to relax a little bit. Then we went back to our meeting point near the bus, to take a group picture of my class. At 7 pm we were at the bus and at 7:30 pm the bus drove back to Dover. At this time everybody was already very tired. Sadly we had to go on the ferry when we were in Dover. The ferry sailed to Calais in France and on this way we had bad luck, beause there was a strong motion of the sea. A lot of people were sick and dizzy, because of this. After this crazy ferry tour all people of my group could sleep in the bus. At 6 am we arrived at our school. I was very tired and enervated, but I think the others felt the same like me. At the end I said that I liked the short trip to London and would do this also a second time.


Antonia Merten, 9b       26 th June 2017