Our school skiing trip

All Year 8 classes went on a school skiing trip from the 3rd February to the 9th February. On 3rd February at 7:30 am we all met with the teachers who were going to go with us on this trip in front of our school. After we had packed all our luggage in the two buses we started at 8am. The way to Seefeld in Tyrol took about ten hours. Somehow everyone was busy all this time. After ten hours we arrived in Seefeld in front of our hotel Alpenkönig. We took our luggage and went to our room. Myself shared a room with my friends Celine, Inga, Lena and Lena. After we had left our luggage in our rooms we went to the dining room to eat dinner and to the ski cellar to borrow ski boots, poles and ski. Then we went to our rooms to get some sleep for the other day. Our alarm always rang on 6am but we all got up 30 minutes later. At 7am we always got breakfast and after that we went to our rooms to put our skiwear on and at 8 o'clock we left the hotel with our skiing gear and went to a bus station. Most times we didn't have to wait long for the bus. The bus drove us to the ski slope and there we went skiing. Always at 12 o'clock we all met and ate together our lunch. After that we went skiing again for about 3 hours. When we had returned to our rooms we had time to 6pm because at that time we had dinner. Most of us took that time to shower and to relax a little bit. Then at 6pm we all went to the dining room and ate our dinner. Then we went to our rooms again and at 7pm some pupils, who were chosen, met in a room with two teachers and discussed the next day and what we would do after that 'meeting'. Then at 8pm we all met in different rooms every day and played together or just talked to 10pm. On the first day we all discussed some things and rules and started the game murderer. On the second day we played games together. The third day we were in our classes and played some games with the whole class. The fourth day we watched football and a movie and on the last day we had a disco. Every day we had the routine of waking up, eating, going skiing, eating, going skiing, going showering, eating and doing things together. What I remember was that we always had something for lunch with potatoes. Maybe potatoes are very cheap in Austria. When we had returned back home I was really exhausted and tired but this trip was fun.

(by Olivia Wycichowski, 8c)