Mr Else from Great Britain

Auch im Schuljahr 2016/17 war wieder ein native speaker für ein Gastjahr an der AER tätig. Herr Else aus Großbritannien unterstützte die Schule im fremdsprachlichen Bereich.
Die Schüler der bilingualen Klasse 8b schrieben einen Artikel, um ihn der Schulgemeinde vorzustellen:

Mr Else has been at our school for some months now and we have learnt a lot. But first, who is Mr Else? Mr Else’s full name is Benjamin Else and he's 21 years old. He has done his A- Levels and 2 years at University. This year he has travelled to work here in Germany, at our school. He chose to work in Nordrhein-Westfalen but didn’t know the school until last June. He comes from a village called Hilton which is near Derby. When he was a child he went to a primary school called Hilton Primary School. He grew up in the U.K. but he can also speak a bit German. For the time being he works in Germany and rents a flat for himself here in Bottrop. For his future he perhaps wants to become a teacher at a secondary school or wants to do something with Advertising. If he becomes a teacher, he wants to teach German or ICT. But for now he's studying at a University in Bangor which is located in North Wales. He studies German and marketing. Other Information about Mr Else: His favourite colour is green. His birthday is on the 30th November and he has a brother aged 16. Mr Else will leave us at the end of May and we hope that all his dreams come true.

-Written by Chantal, Chiara, Lea and Sophia (8b)