Mr Else from Great Britain

An der AER sind regelmäßig native speaker für ein Gastjahr tätig. Herr Else aus Großbritannien unterstützte die Schule im Schuljahr 2016/17 im fremdsprachlichen Bereich.
Die Schüler der bilingualen Klasse 8b schrieben einen Artikel, um ihn der Schulgemeinde vorzustellen:

Mr Else has been at our school for some months now and we have learnt a lot. But first, who is Mr Else? Mr Else’s full name is Benjamin Else and he's 21 years old. He has done his A- Levels and 2 years at University. This year he has travelled to work here in Germany, at our school. He chose to work in Nordrhein-Westfalen but didn’t know the school until last June. He comes from a village called Hilton which is near Derby. When he was a child he went to a primary school called Hilton Primary School. He grew up in the U.K. but he can also speak a bit German. For the time being he works in Germany and rents a flat for himself here in Bottrop. For his future he perhaps wants to become a teacher at a secondary school or wants to do something with Advertising. If he becomes a teacher, he wants to teach German or ICT. But for now he's studying at a University in Bangor which is located in North Wales. He studies German and marketing. Other Information about Mr Else: His favourite colour is green. His birthday is on the 30th November and he has a brother aged 16. Mr Else will leave us at the end of May and we hope that all his dreams come true.

-Written by Chantal, Chiara, Lea and Sophia (8b)