Exchange with the Dacheng School 2017

Hier geht es weiter zu einem Bericht auf Deutsch.

After the Chinese students had visited the AER for one week in February, we visited their school eight months later, in October 2017.


We left Bottrop on Saturday 14th October at 12 o’clock.

The flight from Bottrop to Beijing was 11 hours but that was not as bad as I had expected.

After we had landed in Beijing on Sunday morning, we took a coach to our partner school, which took about one hour.

There the Chinese students and their parents were already waiting for us and they soon took us home.


On Monday we met at school and had the opportunity to attend some lessons.

At the beginning there was had a flag ceremony and Mrs. Stolte-Enck spoke in front of the Chinese students and teachers.

Later we went to other lessons. The Chinese students have subjects like calligraphy, drawing with sand or 3d printing.

Calligraphy means that they draw traditional Chinese characters (symbols) with a special brush and black ink.


On Tuesday we had normal lessons too, we even had an English lesson.

On Wednesday we went to the Summer Palace together with the Chinese students. 

We learned a bit about the Chinese history and we took a lot of pictures in the Summer Palace too.

After some time we took a boat to an island.


The most exciting thing happened on Thursday, when we went to a shopping centre.

The only difference between a German shopping centre and a Chinese shopping centre is the size: The Chinese one had 7 stores, but unfortunately only 6 of them were open that day.

We were also able to see a lot of posters of famous Chinese stars like Lu Han, Wu Yifan or Zhang Yixing - better known as Lay.

In the evening all the students went out to play billiard till 7:30pm and later went to Chen´s home to celebrate Kim´s birthday.


The final day was the Friday. It ended as a “Day of tears”.

The day had started with a visit of a museum and the Forbidden City.

Then we saw the Palace of the King and the houses of his wives.

After the Forbidden City we went to a shopping centre again.

In the evening all the students went to a restaurant and at around 8.30pm we went to a billiard bar again.

We played billiard until till 11pm and we took a lot of photos as memories. We did not sleep this last night and went back to school again at 2 o’clock in the morning, where we had to say good-bye to our friends. But we were very sad and some of us even cried.


I have to say that it has been a great experience and that we will remember our days in China for a very long time.

I think China is a great and interesting country with a wonderful history.

The students are so kind and really talented.

I think that it was a wonderful experience for me and that I would really love to visit China again one day.


Vivian Hertrampf, 9b.